Video games have been around for over 40 years. Here’s how blockchain technology is advancing development for the 21st century.

What is it?

Game Protocol, based on the Ethereum blockchain, utilises the unique features that technology offers to give independent game developers the tools they need to get their projects off the ground in such a way that they are financially sustainable, and in a position to sit alongside their competitors. The platform has its own native currency, and community members can put funding behind projects that appeal to them. It also provides an app store where games are available to be discovered by users, and wrest a little control back from the big names.

It also offers free developer tools for any talented would-be creator to make their own games.

What is it for?

Probably the most exciting purpose of blockchain-based platforms like Game Protocol is that they bring the possibilities of video game development – and, of course, end user enjoyment – to a much greater audience. Game Protocol extends the opportunity for more people to get involved, and to help advance the industry.

Enabling gaming communities on both sides of the bench – player and developer – to fund what they want to see created is key. After all, they have the keenest interest in both the games they want to play, and the future of gaming in general.

What is the background?

One of the advisors behind Game Protocol has a strong track record in making access to cryptocurrency easier for all – Michael Halimi is CEO of Makor Group, whose Capital arm has recently partnered with Legolas Exchange.

The rest of the senior management team is equally strong, including:

  • Jonathan Swerdlow – current CEO of Gamytech, distributor of games to over a million users, and over seven years of online gaming industry experience
  • Avi Bouhadana – founding partner of Gamytech, and a founder of Makor Securities
  • Paul Huang – blockchain and cryptocurrency expert, author, and formerly part of IBM’s research team

Game Protocol’s crowdsale hasn’t happened yet, and is planned to take place between 1st August and 30th September, with a token supply of 150 million GPT (Game Protocol Token). There will be four rounds, with the pre-sale starting on 1st August, Round 1 on 31st August, Round 2 on 7th September, Round 3 on 14th September, and finally, Round 4 on 21st September.

What will it bring to the gaming industry?

The most important advances that Game Protocol is likely to make are for the smaller developers who are currently being crowded out of the market for lack of funding and inability to compete with major providers. The decentralised game store that Game Protocol will provide will run on rankings rather than financial input, and placings will be allocated accordingly. The cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding element of the community will also ensure that developers can get access to the funding they need to produce new games, and their supporters will be rewarded accordingly.